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Andrea Büttner Sweeping 1962/2020

Andrea Büttner: Sweeping 1962/2020 Allan Kaprow at Jupiter Artland

To mark the closing of the Allan Kaprow season of artist-happenings at Jupiter Artland, Andrea Büttner is reinventing Kaprow’s Sweeping, a humble activity consisting of sweeping-up, and one that Kaprow revisited frequently in his own lifetime. In preparation, Büttner undertook a job swop with her 2-year-old son David, whereby David took upon himself the role of professional artist.

David’s proposal is to ‘invite little boys for a sweeping party’ whereby young people (both boys and girls) get to ride-along in rubbish trucks for an afternoon. The fascination of a sweeping machine, with its colourful brushes going round and round, is an everyday wonder often overlooked by older adults, but in which a younger mind may still find joy. A series of paintings by David will be presented at Jupiter Artland to accompany the sweeping party and will remain on view until the closing of the Jupiter Artland for the season on 27 September 2020.