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Help #PROTECTJUPITERARTLAND from the least sustainable development in Edinburgh.


Today we stand threatened by a proposal to Edinburgh City Council which effectively surrounds Jupiter with an additional 2,000 homes destroying irrevocably the landscape setting of our open-air museum.  The greenfield site, called the Calderwood Extension, is the least sustainable option for housing on the table and we must demonstrate our objection to the City of Edinburgh Council right now to protect our most valuable asset – The Generous Landscape.


We Need Your Help!

Three actions YOU can take RIGHT NOW to Protect Jupiter Artland.

  1. TWEET Edinburgh City Council using the hashtag #ProtectJupiterArtland
  2. WRITE to the Council objecting to the Calderwood Extension
  3. SHARE the story on social media to friends and family, encouraging people to join the campaign

Contact Your Councillor

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  • We Object to the Calderwood Extension because it is Unsustainable
  • We demand City of Edinburgh #ProtectJupiterArtland by rejecting the Calderwood site on the City Plan


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What our supporters say...

“There is no public sculpture collection quite like Jupiter Artland in the UK never mind Scotland. It is rightly considered internationally as a must see when visiting Scotland - its that good. Jupiter Artland is without doubt a national treasure - and it needs to be defended from any and all ill-considered clumsy house-building... Preserved for the people of Scotland, for the people who visit Jupiter from elsewhere, for the children from local schools that call it theirs. Jupiter Artland’s air and tranquility needs to be preserved, and importantly the idea that such a place can exist need to be preserved. ”
“Jupiter Artland is a unique and precious resource for the creativity of the future and the imagination of the present. What Jupiter Artland represents is unique and a sustained proof of the continuum between nature and culture. The proposition to build a massive housing development in close proximity to it is antithetical to all of the good that Jupiter is doing. We should not be building in the countryside : the future of our species depends on high density Housing on inner city brownfield sites.”
“It’s an absolutely magical place...It stands comparison with any sculpture park in the world...Every time you go there there will be a new artwork which wasn’t there before. It’s all been done privately by people who love art and want to see it displayed in the best possible circumstances...The setting is actually intrinsic to its enjoyment. When you come across some of artworks you are looking past them and through them to the scenery beyond. At the moment, that’s pretty unspoiled...I’m against building on green belt sites, full stop. One thing the pandemic has shown us is that we should cherish our green spaces”